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Achieve Customized Lighting Control with Done Power’s DL-105W-MAP Dimmable Driver for European Outdoor Applications

Done Power presents the DL-105W-MAP dimmable driver, a revolutionary addition to their range of LED power supply drivers tailored for the European market. Specifically designed for professional outdoor road lighting, this driver offers exceptional control and versatility in lighting applications. With its wide power range, adjustable power output, and compatibility with various outdoor lighting systems, the DL-105W-MAP dimmable driver from Done Power provides customizable lighting solutions while adhering to European power and safety standards.

Customized Lighting Control

The DL-105W-MAP dimmable driver offers adjustable power output, giving businesses the flexibility to customize the lighting levels according to specific requirements. With the optional S-type dimming version supporting PWM, 0-10V, and RX dimming methods, precise control over brightness and intensity is achieved, allowing for tailored lighting experiences and creating the desired ambiance in outdoor applications.

Reliable Performance and Compliance

Done Power’s DL-105W-MAP dimmable driver ensures reliable performance and compliance with European power and safety standards. With surge protection capabilities and comprehensive protection procedures, including SCP, OTP, OVP, and OCP, this driver guarantees the safe operation of both the driver and the connected LED lighting system. Its long lifespan exceeding 50,000 hours and a 5-year warranty provide peace of mind and value for businesses investing in outdoor lighting solutions.


Done Power’s DL-105W-MAP dimmable driver offers unparalleled control and versatility for European outdoor lighting applications. With customizable lighting control options, businesses can achieve the desired lighting levels and ambiance. The driver’s reliable performance, surge protection, and comprehensive protection features ensure safety and compliance with European power and safety standards. Trust Done Power’s DL-105W-MAP dimmable driver for exceptional lighting control in your European outdoor applications.

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