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Exploring the Cutting-Edge World of Peripheral Microcatheters

Microcatheter has become indispensable tool in the field of interventional medicine, enabling healthcare professionals to navigate complex anatomical structures with precision. Among the innovative manufacturers in this domain, APT Medical stands out for its commitment to excellence and innovation. Their range of high-performance microcatheters has transformed interventional procedures, delivering enhanced procedural outcomes and ensuring patient safety. One outstanding product in their portfolio is the Distail™ Microcatheter, designed for optimal performance and versatility.

The Distail™ Microcatheter: Navigating Through Selective Vessels

The Distail™ Microcatheter, developed by APT Medical, represents a breakthrough in microcatheter engineering. Its unique design features six different tips, each tailored to suit different anatomies, ensuring precise navigation through selective vessels. The catheter body boasts a triple-layer structure with seven segments of varying stiffness, gradually decreasing from proximal to distal. This design allows for optimal flexibility and maneuverability during procedures. Additionally, the Distail™ Microcatheter ensures exceptional visibility, thanks to  platinum markers that aid in locating the catheter accurately.

Comprehensive Specifications for Diverse Needs

APT Medical understands the diverse requirements of healthcare professionals, and the Distail™ Microcatheter reflects this understanding. With five French sizes, six different lengths, and six tip shapes, the microcatheter offers a comprehensive range of specifications to meet various procedural needs. Furthermore, APT Medical offers Distail™ Microcatheters in varying working lengths of 100-180 cm, along with radials of 150 cm, 160 cm, and 180 cm, which are specifically developed for radial artery access procedures. This enhances the versatility of the device.


In the realm of interventional medicine, APT Medical leads the way with their exceptional microcatheter solutions. The Distail™ Microcatheter, with its advanced design, comprehensive specifications, and innovative features, demonstrates APT Medical’s commitment to delivering high-quality products that empower healthcare professionals. By utilizing the Distail™ Microcatheter, clinicians gain a competitive edge in attaining optimal procedural outcomes while ensuring patient safety. As APT Medical continues to pioneer advancements in microcatheter technology, they contribute significantly to the advancement of interventional medicine worldwide.

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