Hengli Petrochemical: Green Production, Low Carbon Future

Hengli Petrochemical focuses on deep industry cultivation, strengthens innovation drive, deeply integrates ESG management mode with company operation, and realizes corporate development and social development by following the “high-quality, low energy consumption, green and intelligent high-quality development road.”

Emission reduction of Hengli Petrochemical

Hengli Petrochemical, one of the major businesses in China’s petrochemical sector, prioritizes energy conservation and pollution reduction. Hengli Petrochemical is committed to maximizing the efficiency of green production while working to improve the environment. From reducing the use of resources and energy to improving energy efficiency, from technological transformation and innovation to integrating green and low-carbon into enterprise development, Hengli Petrochemical starts from multiple dimensions and aspects. The following are the measures of Hengli Chemical’s green road:

  1. Hengli Petrochemical has incorporated carbon monoxide online analysis theoretical ratio technology to increase the thermal efficiency of the heating furnace and lower the oxygen content of the furnace.
  2. Hengli Petrochemical uses a closed circulating water process to save resource and energy usage.
  3. Hengli Petrochemical has used hydrodeolefin technology to significantly reduce solid waste emissions through waste treatment, recycling, and reuse.


The reduction of pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as energy savings and emission reduction in the production process, have been achieved by Hengli Petrochemical through active exploration of new avenues for industrial development and constant research into and development of new technologies and processes. This has improved the company’s own green value and also helped to the It has injected the “green development gene” into itself. Beginning in 2022, Hengli Chemical Fiber will join Hengli Petrochemical, Hengli Refining, and Hengke New Materials as national “green factories.”

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