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HIKMICRO HQ35L/HQ35LN: Advanced Thermal Imaging Binoculars

HIKMICRO proudly presents the HQ35L and HQ35LN thermal imaging binoculars, redefining precision and clarity in hunting optics. With a powerful combination of a 640 thermal detector, 2560 CMOS detector, and a 35mm/F1.0 lens with a basic 3x magnification, these binoculars deliver unparalleled accuracy and clarity, making them ideal for a wide range of hunting scenarios.

Award-Winning Design: HABROK Series

The HIKMICRO HABROK series has garnered acclaim, winning the iF Design and Red Dot Design Awards 2024. Renowned for its innovative, compact, and ergonomic design, the HABROK series ensures optimal user experience and performance in the field.

Ultra Clear Image, Impressive Detail Recognition

Equipped with a high sensitivity (NETD<20mK) thermal detector, the HABROK multi-spectrum binocular offers ultra-clear image quality and impressive detail recognition. This advanced technology enables easy and clear identification of objects, details, and backgrounds in various weather and lighting conditions, enhancing the hunting experience.

High-Resolution Digital Camera

The HABROK series features a powerful 2560×1440 HD resolution digital camera, capturing subjects in bright and vivid images during the daytime. Additionally, it delivers superb detail in low-light conditions, ensuring visibility and clarity even in challenging environments.

Advanced Lens Technology

With a 31mm, F1.2 lens and a wide field of view (24.4m @100m), the HABROK series offers exceptional optical performance. This advanced lens technology enhances visibility and clarity, allowing hunters to accurately identify targets over a wide area.


In conclusion, the HIKMICRO HQ35L and HQ35LN thermal imaging binoculars, along with the award-winning HABROK series, redefine hunting optics with their unparalleled accuracy, clarity, and innovative design. Whether in daylight or low-light conditions, these binoculars deliver superior performance, enabling hunters to identify targets with ease and precision. Choose HIKMICRO to elevate your hunting experience and gain a competitive edge in the field.

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