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Ledman Event – 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Ledman, a leading LED display manufacturer and supplier, played a pivotal role in the grand spectacle of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. On February 4, 2022, the awe-inspiring Ice and Snow Five Rings, produced by Ledman, captivated audiences worldwide. Leveraging their expertise and advanced technology, Ledman successfully delivered a remarkable display that showcased the immense potential of LED screens in smart city initiatives and urban infrastructure.

Advanced Flexible Display Screen Technology

Ledman’s involvement in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics was made possible through their advanced flexible display screen technology. By employing this innovative technology, Ledman ensured seamless performance and no delays in switching. The Ice and Snow Five Rings, with its dual broadcast control and dual power supply systems, offered a visually stunning experience to spectators. Ledman’s meticulous attention to detail, including aerospace-level quality control and risk control standards, resulted in tens of thousands of virtual simulation tests and millimeter-level precision control, guaranteeing an exceptional visual experience.

Enhancing the Visual Experience

Ledman’s LED display screens brought the Ice and Snow Five Rings to life, demonstrating their crucial role in enhancing the visual experience of smart city initiatives and urban infrastructure. By providing high-resolution and vibrant displays, Ledman’s LED screens showcased the fusion of technology and artistry. These displays not only mesmerized the audience at the Winter Olympics but also highlighted the immense potential of LED screens in transforming public spaces, promoting cultural events, and creating immersive experiences for residents and visitors alike.


The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics provided a platform for Ledman, a prominent LED display manufacturer, to showcase their expertise and innovative technology. The Ice and Snow Five Rings, produced by Ledman, left a lasting impression on audiences worldwide. By utilizing advanced flexible display screen technology, Ledman ensured a flawless and captivating visual experience with no delays. Ledman’s remarkable contribution to the Winter Olympics demonstrates their commitment to pushing the boundaries of LED display technology and their dedication to enhancing the visual landscape of cities around the world.

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