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An online game house is a unit that publishes and provides reward games to players through many different game genres from online casino, sports betting to fish shooting and cockfighting. These games are selected and provided by the house to ensure the best player experience. New88 is the bookmaker chosen by many players today and is one of the best bookmakers on the market. Together New88 Find out now!

Introduce about New88

Trang Chủ New88 is a bookmaker that has been on the market for a long time, with games provided to users that have proven its strength and economic potential, and the professional investment of the house. The bookmaker is currently headquartered in the Philippines and operates completely legally. Besides, website reputable bookmaker  New88 It is also certified by TRUST as a reputable security website today.

The website’s interface is eye-catchingly designed with a combination of two tones: black and gold, for elegance and a beautiful, classy display. Besides, with a full statistics menu of online games provided, the registration and login form frames are easy to find. Especially suitable for all different devices with different screen sizes.

When registering, you need to provide information including: account name, password, email, phone number to register successfully. Especially, when it comes to the party recharge Customers can use Ngan Luong e-wallet to top up their account very conveniently and quickly.

Currently, the international gaming organization GAMECARE allows protecting the rights of game players. Especially attractive gaming information and system integration of many famous game portals such as: Microgaming, Asia Gaming, iSoftbet, etc. Therefore, you can completely rest assured about the reputation of the game. New88.

Online games at New88 diversity

New88 provides a variety of online games that are played by many people. Below are online betting games that many people play New88.

Online casino lobby

Online casino lobby redeem rewards at New88 brings together many popular online card games that many people play such as: baccarat, poker, Southern Tien Len, roulette, dragon tiger, Sic Bo,… All these online betting games are guaranteed. Ensuring the best quality and gaming interface.

Sports betting

Sports betting includes many online betting games such as: soccer betting, table tennis betting, badminton betting, basketball betting,… All these online betting games are updated by the house. Update quick and detailed information to players. Especially the appropriate betting information, the odds table is clear and easy to follow.

Lottery lottery

Lottery includes many lottery genres such as: Southern lottery, Northern lottery, Central lottery, keno lottery,… All attractive lottery programs are played by many players. High price because: fast and timely update of results, reputation and simple lottery participation interface, easy to operate. Provide lottery results for players to choose lucky numbers.

Shoot fish and get prizes

Shooting fish for prizes is a game that many people play today. Fish shooting for rewards is an attractive game, with a beautiful interface and vivid sound. This will be one of the most popular fish shooting games played today. Besides, the publisher continuously updates the latest game versions with new parameters including: diverse types of fish, diverse types of guns and bullets.

The diversity in providing online games proves the strong economic potential of online game bookmakers with rewards. Especially giving players the freedom to choose the online game they want to play. You can change games back and forth to bring the best experience, avoiding boredom when participating in games.

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Advantages of playing games at New88

Below are the advantages of participating in online games to redeem rewards at New88.

Dedicated customer care

The house has top-notch customer care with a system of dedicated customer care specialists, well-trained in all information to help players more easily access online games to redeem rewards. Especially if you have any questions related to deposit and withdrawal issues, you can contact us New88 for advice.

The bookmaker currently receives customer care information through many different channels including: Zalo messaging, Telegram messaging, emailing, filling out customer information forms,… especially contacting partners. is the official agent of the house for the quickest and simplest support and advice.

Simple and convenient deposit and withdrawal transactions

Deposit and withdraw money at online game bookmakers New88 Convenient and simple. Especially the information about players also receives a lot of support and answers to questions from players. Deposit and withdrawal transactions are performed quickly thanks to the fully automatic transaction confirmation system. Therefore, it is guaranteed that players will have their transactions recorded after only 3-5 minutes.

Currently, you can participate in playing and deposit and withdraw through many different methods including: deposit and withdraw money through bank accounts, deposit and withdraw money through e-wallets, deposit and withdraw money through phone scratch cards, … All are very simple and chosen by many people, providing the best solution for players.

Promotions and offers abound

New88 There are many extremely attractive promotions for players participating in online games to redeem rewards. These promotions are one of the factors that help the house gain a strong position. Below is a summary of some of the programs that the house offers to players as follows:

  • Receive 120% welcome promotion up to 2,000,000 VND with only 25 betting rounds required to withdraw money.
  • First deposit bonus 30% up to 5,000,000 VND with only 15 betting rounds required.
  • Daily refund program from 0.3% to 1.2% for all betting products.
  • Introduce a friend to play and receive an additional 288K immediately.
  • Many lucky money reward programs and VIP level rewards on the site New88.

Secure user information

New88 Committed to ensuring that online game players’ information is not shared with any other party. This information is committed to being encrypted to ensure privacy, not being violated and not being accessed by any party. Therefore, you can feel secure when providing membership registration information at this house.

To participate in online gaming and redeem rewards, the important thing is to choose the most reputable and effective house. New88 is a bookmaker that you should join and try many different games. Online games with rewards at New88 Currently attracting a large number of players and having strong financial potential.

In particular, to participate in online gaming at New88 Then you need to find the most suitable path for yourself. Look for link information to avoid joining the house at links that do not ensure safety for players.


Above is the information we have shared about online game bookmakers with prizes New88. Hopefully the shared information will help you learn and know about attractive reward games, find reputable bookmakers to play and earn lots of bonuses for yourself.

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