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The vape industry has exploded in recent years as more and more people look for safer and cheaper alternatives to smoking tobacco cigarettes. In search of vape pen wholesalers? Now is the time to check out SMPO.

Vape pens in a nutshell

Vapes, of which vape pens are a subtype, are a relatively recent innovation. The battery, atomizer, and cartridge or pod are the main parts. Vape pens may be designed in various sizes, shapes, and colors to suit your preferences. Some are designed to seem more modern, while others look more classic.

Why Do People Use Vape Pens?

The “vape pen” is quickly becoming one of the most popular electronic cigarette options. Using a vape pen is far healthier and less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

It is recommended that dealers choose a trustworthy wholesaler.

If you’re a dealer looking for a new vape pen, your best chance is to purchase from a wholesaler with a good reputation. The following are a few benefits of joining SMPO:

  1. Large-scale production; our factory’s 12,000 square meters of floor space can accommodate 2,000 employees.
  2. About 30 people work in R&D, many of whom are senior technicians who have worked for major corporations like tobacco monopolies and have vast knowledge in the field. Members of the team have been awarded many patents.
  3. SMPO has been awarded over 90 patents and has filed for over 200 more, many of which cover important technological breakthroughs.
  4. HACCP, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 attest that SMPO maintains a reputable production environment and competent management. Each vaping device undergoes rigorous testing by the SMPO to ensure it meets its strict quality standards, and modern techniques are used in their creation.
  5. SMPO’s simplified platform for wholesale procurement and the variety of transaction modalities it supports are examples of how its high-quality wholesale services improve the efficiency of business dealings.


As a result of the high quality of its vape pens, SMPO has earned a superb reputation among partners worldwide.

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