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Streamline Your Solar Operations with the Photovoltaic App

Technological advancements are playing an ever-more-important role in the renewable energy industry. The photovoltaic app, for example, is a game-changer in the solar sector. The way solar system operators and owners manage their installations is being transformed by this powerful tool.

Effortless Monitoring and Control

At the heart of the Hoymiles photovoltaic app is its robust monitoring and control capabilities. Users can easily access real-time data on their solar panels, including performance metrics and system status. This allows them to quickly identify and address any issues, ensuring maximum efficiency and uptime.

Convenient Remote Access

The photovoltaic app from Hoymiles also provides users with the ability to remotely operate and maintain their solar systems. Whether they’re on-site or halfway across the world, solar system owners can securely access their systems and make adjustments as needed, saving time and resources.

DTU-WLite: Comprehensive Solar Solutions

Complementing the Hoymiles photovoltaic app is the DTU-WLite, a cutting-edge solar monitoring device. Available in Europe, the DTU-WLite is designed for small PV systems, offering a monitoring capacity of up to 4 solar panels. Users can easily read module-level data and alarms, and realize remote operation and maintenance of the PV system at any time, from anywhere on the S-Miles Cloud.


Solar system owners and operators have access to a powerful solution thanks to the combination of the Hoymiles photovoltaic app and the DTU-WLite device. Through the utilization of cutting-edge technology, they are able to optimize their solar installations, thereby lowering their maintenance expenses and increasing the amount of renewable energy they generate.

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