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Techking Smooth Tires: Revolutionizing Mining and Construction

Mining and construction professionals are always on the lookout for equipment and tools that can improve efficiency and productivity. Techking, a leading name in the industry, has stepped up with their groundbreaking product – the Techking Smooth Tire. In this article, we explore how these smooth tires, particularly the PROLHD model, are making waves in the mining and construction sectors.

A Legacy of Excellence

Techking Tires Limited, established in 2007, has made it their mission to become a premier brand in the mining and construction tire domain. Their journey is marked by a commitment to innovation and quality, with the introduction of the Techking Smooth Tire being a testament to their dedication.

The Advantages of Techking Smooth Tires

The PROLHD model of Techking Smooth Tires offers a distinct advantage with its uniform tire profile. This feature ensures an even distribution of loads, significantly enhancing the tire’s ability to resist wear and damage. In the rugged terrain of mining and construction, reduced partial damage is a game-changer. What sets Techking’s Smooth Tire apart is its innovative manufacturing process. This process not only reduces the fatigue of rubber but also results in a higher TKPH (Tonne-Kilometer Per Hour) rating. This translates to enhanced tire durability, meaning these tires go the extra mile in terms of longevity and performance.Techking’s Smooth Tires incorporate brand-new tire rubber and reinforcement materials. This innovative approach provides superior protection against cuts and wear, vital attributes in the challenging conditions of mining and construction sites.


Techking Tires has once again redefined industry standards with its Techking Smooth Tires. Specifically, the PROLHD model showcases a uniform tire profile for reduced damage, improved durability, and superior cut-resistant performance. For mining and construction professionals seeking reliability and productivity, Techking’s Smooth Tires are an indispensable choice in the world of smooth tire solutions.

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