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Unveiling Excellence: Winner Medical’s High-Performance Surgical Gown

Winner Medical takes surgical protection to the next level with its high-performance surgical gown, featuring a key attribute – impervious fluid and alcohol repellency. This advanced feature acts as a formidable shield against contamination during medical procedures. Whether facing fluids or alcohol, Winner Medical’s surgical gown ensures that healthcare professionals are well-protected, setting a new standard for infection control in the operating room.

Designed for Large Amounts of Fluid and High-Risk Procedures

In the dynamic realm of medical procedures, especially those involving a substantial amount of fluid and presenting a high-risk scenario, Winner Medical’s High-Performance Surgical Gown excels. Engineered with a focus on functionality and safety, this gown is specifically designed to meet the challenges posed by large amounts of fluid and high-risk procedures. Healthcare practitioners can trust Winner Medical to provide a reliable and effective barrier, allowing them to concentrate on delivering optimal patient care without compromising their safety.

Complying to EN 13795: Meeting the Pinnacle of High-Performance Surgical Gown Protection

Winner Medical’s commitment to excellence is underscored by its surgical gown’s compliance with EN 13795 standards. This certification signifies that the gown meets the highest benchmarks for high-performance surgical gown protection. Healthcare professionals can rest assured that Winner Medical’s surgical gown not only meets but exceeds industry standards, providing a level of assurance that is crucial in critical medical procedures. The EN 13795 certification solidifies Winner Medical’s reputation as a trusted provider of top-tier surgical protection.

Soft and Comfortable: Prioritizing the Well-Being of Healthcare Professionals

While the focus is on performance and protection, Winner Medical recognizes the importance of ensuring the comfort of healthcare professionals. The high-performance surgical gown is not only a powerhouse in terms of safety but is also crafted to be soft and comfortable. This thoughtful design element enhances the overall wearability of the gown, allowing healthcare practitioners to navigate through demanding procedures with ease and comfort.


In conclusion, Winner Medical’s High-Performance Surgical Gown stands out as a pinnacle of innovation and functionality. With impervious fluid and alcohol repellency, a design tailored for high-risk scenarios, compliance with EN 13795 standards, and a focus on soft comfort, Winner Medical ensures that healthcare professionals have a reliable ally in the operating room. This surgical gown represents the brand’s commitment to setting new benchmarks in surgical protection, offering a solution that prioritizes both performance and the well-being of those who wear it.

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