Virtual Horse Racing Betting Game Has Special Attraction

Virtual horse racing is an extremely popular game in the Vietnamese betting game market. This game attracts players because of its flexibility in time and authenticity that is not inferior to real horse racing. So what is this game, what are the rules? Let’s find out in the following article Trang chủ New88.

What is virtual horse racing?

First of all, to understand this game clearly, we will learn the origin and concept of this virtual competition game. Since ancient times, horse racing has been considered an extremely popular elegant hobby in Central Asia.

People bet on horses at actual racetracks and gradually become the most popular sport in the field. New88 sports betting, gambling.

Currently, to serve the great needs of players who are interested in watching and betting on horse fighting, people have expanded technology, bringing this game to a new level, which is virtual horse racing.

This is a form of digital sports betting, the rules of which are similar to real horse racing. The virtual horse designs and racetrack designs are highly realistic.

The races between fish and horses will be completely simulated and realistic. The racing video is beautiful, has vivid graphics and really brings a lot of emotions to the player.

What’s even more ingenious is that these designs are focused on both appearance and content. The game space has enough cheering sounds and galloping horses to give players a lot of motivation to explore.

The betting market is open 24/7, starting every minute and ending exactly at 6:00 p.m. You can participate at any time. You absolutely don’t have to worry too much, you just need to focus on betting effectively.

Instructions on how to play Virtual Horse Racing at  New88

Horse racing betting is not difficult or complicated, players also need to understand the most basic things about the rules of the game to be able to bet smoothly.

We will guide you how to bet on this sport as follows:


In fact, this game is a simulation of real horse races. The horses or the entire racetrack will be recorded and videoed of all the horse’s movements.

Bettors will predict the finishing results of the horses similar to betting on horse racing at a real racetrack. The specific rules of this game are as follows:

Regulations on the number of horses:

In a race, there will be 8 to 12 horses and there will also be individual Jockeys for each horse. People also regulate their own money and shirt colors, and the horses are also numbered so players can distinguish them.

Timing regulations in a race

Usually each horse racing video only lasts 1 to 2 minutes. It won’t take as much time as a real race.

When the race starts, the system will automatically track the position of the horses running on the racetrack. During the race, rankings will be continuously updated so players can follow closely.

Players will be able to bet at any time during that match. In case the race is ongoing, and only ends when the horses have reached the finish line.

In addition, the house does not limit the number of players’ bets, you can bet on all horses as you like.

The results of this horse racing match will be announced immediately after the official match ends.

Players will check the results of when the horses touch the enemy through video replays of the time the horses reach the finish line.

After that, whether the player will be rewarded or not will depend on the betting results and the bet level that you have placed. The new round will also be shown immediately after about 2 minutes. If you continue to participate, continue betting.

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Forms of betting

Both virtual and real matches have the same basic betting format.

The only difference in the virtual racing betting system is that the races take place all day long.

This game has the following forms of virtual horse racing betting:

Position bet:

This type of bet means that the player will predict whether one of the horses will finish first or not. As follows:

  • First place bet: Predict that horse will reach the finish line first and win that competition.
  • Bet on not finishing first: The player will predict that the horse will not be the first horse to finish.
  • Bet on correct position: The player predicts that the horse will finish in the position corresponding to its number.
  • Wrong position bet: Is predicting that the horse will finish in any position other than the position corresponding to the number.

Bet on two horses to finish first and second

In this form of bet, the player will predict 2 horses to come first in 1st and 2nd positions. With this form of bet, the player can place 2 options:

  • Accurate position betting: That is, you must accurately predict which horse will come first and which horse will come second. For example, horse number 2 will come first and horse number 5 will come second, clearly.
  • Betting on the first 2 double positions: That is, you don’t need to care about the first and second positions of those two horses. If the player chooses a pair of horses 2 and 5, only these 2 horses need to finish first and second to win.

Bet the first three positions:

Similar to betting on the first 2 positions, this form of betting is also predicting the first 3 horses to finish. This form is a bit more difficult than predicting 2 horses to finish.

Players also have 2 options: bet exactly on the first 3 positions and bet on double first 3 positions.

Virtual horse racing odds

These odds are determined by the house and are not fixed. Usually after each round the odds will change. Different types of bets will also have different odds.

In addition, between horses or pairs of horses, sets of 3 will have different odds. The odds will be announced by the bookmaker before the round begins. Players should carefully consider the odds before betting.

The system will automatically calculate these numbers based on the probability of winning in each bet and the racing history of these horses. The greater the probability of winning the race, the lower the odds, and vice versa.

In cases where the bet does not come first or is not in the right position, the odds will be as low as 1 to 3 because the winning rate is the highest. Betting on first place exactly has the highest odds because the odds of winning are very low.

Redeem rewards

The way to redeem rewards with this game is based on the odds of each betting box and the amount the player bets.

For example:

If the player bets on horse number 2 to come first with odds of 13.5. The bet amount you spend is 20,000 VND, the winning bonus is calculated as follows:

Bonus = Bet amount x odds = 20 x 13.5 = 270,000 VND.

You will receive the amount of 270,000 to your game account. This money can be used for any purpose you want, can be withdrawn to a bank account or used as betting capital as you like.

Experience of playing virtual horse racing of good bettors

With the above way of playing, surely you have somewhat understood what you need to do if you participate in betting on this virtual horse racing sports game.

However, you should not ignore sharing about your experience playing this game below. We have updated valuable experiences drawn from experts for new players to learn from.

Experiences in virtual sports betting on horse racing are as follows:

Learn carefully the rules of the game to gain experience analyzing match data

The rules for betting on this game are very detailed about what needs to be done. So if you do not understand the rules of the game, you will not know how to bet effectively.

You must know how to analyze data about horses to determine which horses have a high probability of winning, which horses have poor physical strength and run poorly. Thereby, the prediction will be more accurate and the winning rate will be higher.

Pay attention to the odds

Odds not only directly affect the amount of bonus received if you win the bet.

In addition, these numbers also speak to many important issues that bettors need to grasp to come up with a betting strategy.

The higher the odds of each horse, the lower the odds of winning. On the contrary, low odds show that the horse has a great ability to finish.

Because the odds are calculated based on the results these horses performed in previous rounds.

You can also track the history of previous matches to make better judgments for yourself.

Learn from losing virtual horse races

The saying “failure is the mother of success” is very true if the player knows how to learn from those failures. In virtual horse racing betting, this is also very reasonable.

Incorrect predictions will let the player know that the previous calculations were incorrect. Thus, the prediction experience will go against the way the player reasoned before.

Maintain a stable mentality

A stable mentality is extremely necessary, even if players participate in betting on other games. Especially those who bet on sports and virtual sports need to have a strong mentality.

Defining betting means accepting losing bets, accepting losing money to gain experience. This form of play has a high percentage of winning and losing due to red and black factors, even the experts will be affected like that.

Losing bets is very normal. If you panic and become overly worried, you will no longer be able to make accurate judgments. Moreover, worrying too much will also affect the player’s psychology and health.

FAQ – Related questions

If you have any further questions, you can contact the customer service department of the house you join. However, before that, please read the related questions below.

Who knows, maybe our answers will be useful to you when playing virtual sports betting on horse racing.

How to participate in virtual horse racing betting at  New88?

Bookmaker  New88 is an extremely reputable playground offering all types of betting, virtual sports betting is also very carefully invested. The payout ratio compared to other playgrounds is also much more attractive.

You can participate in betting at Bk by accessing the system, choosing a horse racing sport and placing a bet. If you do not have a login account, please click “register” to activate opening a new account.

 New88wiki will support you in the most enthusiastic and detailed way so you can play the game smoothly.

Is betting legal?

Types of betting, sports betting, and virtual sports at current online bookies have been certified as legal activities, protected by the international gambling management agency.

Bookmaker  New88 is an operating playground that has a full business license. Therefore, not only virtual sports betting and all types of betting on the  New88 website are legal.

You can completely rest assured when betting here, within your financial limit and playing in moderation, betting will bring many benefits to you.

Having just been relieved of psychological stress after work, you can also earn a little extra to serve your life.

In short, virtual horse racing betting is a form of betting that is being enjoyed by a large number of players because of what it brings.

Dealer New88 Wiki will be the most reliable playground for you to bet safely, healthily and profitably.

Wishing all bettors will have wonderful experiences at this bookmaker New88.

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