What is  Over/under 3 balls? Experience in Betting on Standard 3 Goals

Those of you who regularly play soccer betting games must already know the over/under odds. In there Over/under 3 balls is a form of betting with an extremely high probability of winning, often winning in big matches. So let’s go Nhà cái New88 Find out now some experiences in betting on over/under 3 goals in the article below!

What is the 3-ball Over/Under odds?

Football is the most popular and sought-after form of online betting today. Not only does it attract players with beautiful dramatic matches, but it also has a diverse odds table and extremely preferential rewards. In which the odds Over/under 3 balls is the form of betting that many players choose and participate in.

Over/under 3 goals is a type of over/under bet, the odds are quite special and there is a unique and interesting betting method. When participating in this soccer bet, instead of predicting the win or loss result, the exact score of the match, etc. Players need to accurately guess the total goals scored by the two teams in the first half. 2nd half or the whole match.

For over-under 3 goals, also known as over-under two and a half goals, this form of bet will often be used in matches with open play, big teams with a high chance of scoring goals. The 3-goal soccer over-under bet means the bookmaker predicts that the match will have a total of 3 goals scored, it doesn’t matter whether the away team or the home team wins.

Based on this house goal, you will place bets according to your opinion. If the player guesses the number of goals scored is greater than 3, then bet on Over, otherwise bet on Under. In case you correctly predict 3 open goals, bet on a draw.

Specific example of the over/under mark of 3 goals in soccer betting

To understand more about these soccer odds as well as how to bet and win money, you can come to the example of New88 down here:

Players participate in betting on the match between two clubs, Legia Wars. vs Krasnodar, the bookmaker has given the odds Over/under 3 balls with different reward rates at each door. If you bet a capital of $100, the following situations will occur:

  • The match result has a total number of goals of 3, valid scores are 3-0, 1-2, 2-0… Then the player who bets on a draw will win. The bookmaker offers a bonus rate of 0.5, so the bonus you receive is 0.5×100$, which is 50$.
  • If the total number of goals scored by both teams is 1 goal, 2 goals or no goals scored, the bet on the under will win. Calculated according to the bonus ratio of 0.88, the bonus the player receives is $88.
  • With scores of 4-0, 2-2, 3-1,… That is, if there are 4 or more goals, the player betting on Over will win the bonus. The odds are 0.94 and the bonus the player receives is =0.94×100=94$.

Share your experience of betting on 3-ball over/under according to expert standards

Newbies who don’t have experience betting correctly, let’s join together New88 Find out some tips for betting over/under 3 goals below:

Analyze the starting lineup

The most accurate way to make decisions is when players have prepared and grasped the capabilities of each team. With any soccer betting odds, you cannot rely on luck or guessing to get an accurate result. Instead, just spend some time researching to double the bonus amount you receive. about.

The starting lineup, playing tactics or the ability of each team are indispensable factors in evaluating a team. Besides, side information such as health situation and scoring performance are also extremely necessary for players to make betting decisions.

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Based on the nature of the match, bet on over/under 3 goals

The tip for betting on over/under 3 goals based on the nature of each match is a gaming experience recognized by veteran bettors. For example:

  • Based on the position on the rankings of the two teams, if you see that both teams are in the top 4, meaning they have equal ability, you should bet on the under.
  • In case the teams are at the bottom of the table, having difficulty scoring a goal or opening the score, betting on the under is guaranteed to be accurate.
  • If there is a situation where the two teams’ abilities are different, such as a top 4 team and a bottom team, betting on Over will have a higher winning rate.
  • In addition, you can also rely on the game victories of the two clubs. If they play with a counter-attack defense strategy, the chance of scoring will be lower, except in the case of big teams.


The above article has helped you learn about betting Over/under 3 balls and expert betting experience. Hope through the information New88 Here, you will understand more about this betting odds!

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