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Embracing Accessibility and Efficiency: DAYA’s Series M Low Profile Shower Base

In the realm of modern bathrooms, the term “low profile” refers to shower bases designed with minimal height, sitting close to the floor to provide ease of access and a seamless aesthetic. DAYA‘s Series M emerges as a pioneer in this domain, offering a low-profile shower base that prioritizes accessibility, efficient water drainage, and safety through its anti-slip features.

Decoding Low Profile in Shower Bases

Minimalistic Height: Low-profile shower bases are characterized by their minimal height, sitting flush or close to the floor, ensuring easier accessibility without compromising on functionality.

Sleek and Seamless: Their design integrates seamlessly with the bathroom floor, creating a sleek and modern appearance while offering practical benefits.

Ease of Access: By eliminating barriers such as steps or raised edges, low-profile shower bases provide easier access, making them suitable for users of diverse abilities.

Why Opt for DAYA’s Series M Low Profile Shower Base

Accessibility and Safety: Series M’s low profile enhances accessibility, especially for users with mobility concerns, while the anti-slip surface ensures a secure and safe showering environment.

Efficiency in Drainage: The inclusion of a linear drainer allows for effective water removal, maintaining a clean and dry shower area after each use.

Seamless Integration: Series M’s design integrates effortlessly with the bathroom floor, offering a sleek and contemporary appearance.


For those seeking to offer customers a blend of accessibility, efficiency, and safety in their shower base selections, DAYA’s Series M Low Profile Shower Base stands as an exemplary choice. Its minimalistic design, efficient drainage, and safety features promise not just a functional addition but a transformative element that redefines and elevates the essence of modern bathrooms.

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