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Enhance Thrombus Removal Efficiency with APT Medical’s Sniffer™ Aspiration Catheter

When it comes to removing thrombus effectively and rapidly in coronary interventions, having a reliable and efficient catheter is paramount. APT Medical, a trusted medical devices supplier, presents the Sniffer™ Aspiration Catheter, a solution for thrombus removal. With its advanced features and superior performance, this catheter from APT Medical is designed to optimize efficiency and ensure successful procedures.

Large Circular Aspiration Lumen

The Sniffer™ Aspiration Catheter stands out with its large circular aspiration lumen, which significantly improves thrombus removal capability. This feature enables fast and stable suction, allowing for efficient removal of thrombus during procedures.

Optimal Pushability and Kink Resistance

Designed for optimal performance, the Sniffer™ catheter offers superior pushability and kink resistance. The enhanced stiffness of the catheter shaft ensures excellent trackability and pushability, allowing clinicians to navigate through complex coronary anatomy smoothly. With this level of control, procedures can be performed precisely and efficiently.

Removable Preloaded Stylet

The Sniffer™ Aspiration Catheter includes a removable preloaded stylet, adding versatility and convenience to the procedure. The enhanced stiffness of the shaft provides excellent kink resistance, ensuring excellent maneuverability during the intervention. This design feature further enhances the traceability and controllability of the catheter.

Optimized Tip Design

The Sniffer™ catheter features an optimized tip design, prioritizing patient safety and vessel preservation. The atraumatic round tip minimizes possible damage to vessels during catheter insertion and manipulation. Additionally, the catheter’s 4mm short tip enhances crossability over tortuous anatomy, allowing clinicians to navigate challenging vessel paths with ease. The platinum marker provides reliable fluoroscopic visibility, facilitating precise catheter placement during procedures.

Three Guidewire Lumen Lengths Available

To cater to different clinical needs, the Sniffer™ Aspiration Catheter offers three guidewire lumen lengths: 50mm, 100mm, and 200mm. This versatility ensures that clinicians can select the appropriate length based on the specific requirements of each case. With this flexibility, the Sniffer™ catheter adapts to diverse clinical scenarios, enhancing procedural success.


For efficient and rapid thrombus removal during coronary interventions, the Sniffer™ Aspiration Catheter from APT Medical is the go-to choice. Its large circular aspiration lumen improves efficiency, while optimal pushability and kink resistance ensure smooth navigation through the coronary anatomy. The optimized tip design prioritizes vessel safety, and the availability of multiple guidewire lumen lengths adds versatility to the procedure. Choose APT Medical’s Sniffer™ Aspiration Catheter to enhance your thrombus removal capabilities and optimize patient outcomes in coronary interventions.

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