How to Play Lottery – Instructions on the Easiest Way to Win

How to play cross lottery is always sought after by brothers and seen for instructions on how to play. Because it is one of the difficult ways to play but has a high winning rate. If you grasp this way of playing carefully, I’m sure you will become a master. Let Nhà cái New88 Instructions on how to play for you in this article!

Instructions on how to play lottery

Cross lottery is a set of numbers put together into pairs of 2 numbers, 3 numbers, or 4 numbers. The task of the lottery player is to use prediction methods to predict the numbers that will come out tomorrow. The winning player is the one whose set of numbers matches the result Lottery tomorrow.

With just some of the above information, we can see that playing the lottery is not easy. To grasp this way of playing, you must be someone who likes to conquer challenges and have the ability to analyze and predict. For regular lotteries, there will be a ratio of 23 to 70. But with cross lotteries, the odds are much higher, cross 2 is 10, cross 3 is 40 and cross 4 is 100. That’s why, even though the way to play people is difficult, Many people still spend time researching how to play lottery atNew88.

Experience playing lottery from experts

To correctly predict the numbers that will come out tomorrow is something that not everyone does. There must be observation and research every day to hope to win this game. If you are a player who is confused about how to play lottery, learn the following tips fromNew88:

Paired parlays are the easiest to hit

This is not only the easiest method to win but also the easiest method among the methods of playing cross lottery. What you need to do when choosing this method is to take notes. Take notes to see which pairs of numbers come out together the most, which pairs come out together to be able to make the most accurate predictions.

For example, lot 23 often goes with lot 52, lot 11 often goes with lot 59. So when you predict the number 23 tomorrow, you will bet on 52. Thus, you have 2 opportunities to bet. win.

If you observe that today the number 11 usually comes out, then the next day it will come out 59, meaning 11 and 59 are a pair that come out one after another. So if you see an 11 today, you don’t need to think too much and immediately bet on 59 for tomorrow. That’s the theory, but gathering paired numbers requires a lot of time and meticulous recording and analysis.

Play the lottery with double numbers

In addition to the method of playing lottery in pairs, many players pass it on to each other extremely effectively. In the past, double lottery was also quite popular, although it was a bit more difficult.

In case of a double lottery, tomorrow the following numbers usually appear: 102- 506- 203- 589. One week later, 1 of the following numbers will appear: 236- 475- 632- 943.

The second example is double 88, Tuesday 60 comes, double 66. Wednesday has 01 – 56 – 56, Thursday has 33, Friday has 2, 01 – 56 comes, Saturday has 02. -23-89. Sunday is about double number 22. Just like that, make predictions about the upcoming numbers. This is also a way to play lotteries that many people useNew88 appreciate.

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Play the lottery with the bet to win the 2nd special prize

New88S will guide you how to play 3-way lottery and 2-way lottery in extreme detail. Players will take the first number of the special prize on Monday to set up a 2-way parlay for the week. For example, if the second special prize is 28965, we will create a lottery from number 2. We will combine number 2 with other numbers to create suitable lots and crosses. This way will save time choosing numbers, you can play for a whole week and also have a very high winning rate.

Other ways to predict lottery numbers

In addition to the above methods of playing cross lottery, atNew88 There are also some other methods. Just introducing it to you guys because these methods are not very popular. For example, use the previous day’s lottery number 7 and a number you like to combine into one lot, or choose the first 2 numbers of the special prize, combine the first lottery number of the 7th prize, add the numbers of the special prize, etc. It’s so effective that it’s not chosen by players.

There are many methods of playing cross lottery, but to find the right way, it takes time to research. Therefore, if you have chosen a certain method, you should follow it to the end to hope for victory.


How to play lottery numbers is really difficult, but don’t worry because there is an article with instructionsNew88. Surely after reading the above information, it has helped players better understand how to play as well as winning experiences.

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