Play the Most Exciting New88 Crab Game in 2024

Playing the game of shaking crab gourd is a popular Vietnamese folk game and is extremely loved by young people and even the elderly. With simple, easy-to-understand gameplay, this game is highly sought after. Let’s New88 Learn more about shaking crab gourd in today’s article.
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Overview of the traditional game of shaking crab gourd

Shaking crab gourd is a folk game, originating thousands of generations ago. With a simple, attractive and engaging betting style, any age group will find it interesting to participate.

The game of shaking crab gourd is also known by other names such as tiger fish gourd, fish shrimp, etc. This game will include familiar animals including: crabs, shrimps, gourds, fish, chickens, coins. Next to it is a large piece of paper with pictures of animals. Depending on the region, the coin can be replaced with a deer image.

Normally, fish and shrimp shakes are held on New Year holidays with the need to bring luck and prosperity, both materially and spiritually, to participants. The betting method is relatively simple and easy to understand. You just need to choose an animal that you like. After the dealer shakes, if the dealer gives a winning result on the animal you choose, you will win the bet. On the contrary, you will lose if you do not hit the animal you chose.

Currently, the crab shaking game has been released by online game publishers with many different versions. In general, these versions all have beautiful, easy-to-understand interfaces and high win rates. The important thing is that bettors can participate anywhere, anytime without having to wait for the holidays like before.

Instructions on how to play the game shake the crab gourd online New88

To participate in this game, participants need to prepare the following items: 1 toilet, 3 dice and 1 cup (bowl). These are indispensable tools to perform the game of shaking the crab gourd.

The game table is the table used to place bets. The table is rectangular and divided into 6 2 x 3 boxes. Pictures of 6 animals are placed in each box. Each dice will have 6 faces of the animals.

First, the bettor needs to choose a member to act as the Bookie. This will be the person who directly shakes the crab gourd and pays the winner. The game is divided into multiple turns and has an unlimited number of participants.

At the beginning of each shake, the dealer puts 3 dice into the bowl and begins to stir them evenly. Next, turn it face down to secure the results. Bettors place money on multiple or one animal they like, can place multiple mascots in one shake and there is no limit to the amount of bet.

Once the bet is completed, the dealer will begin to open the bowl and announce the results. The up faces of the dice are the winning faces. Depending on the results, the House will pay a reward according to the bet amount for each participant.

If the bettor’s bet appears on the three dice, they will get their bet back. The house needs to pay an additional bonus amount corresponding to the number of times that mascot has appeared multiplied by the bet amount.
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Tips for playing Bau Cua online to ensure success

There is no method of shaking the crab gourd that guarantees a 100% win rate. However, there will be some tips for shaking shrimp and fish that can help participants increase their chances of winning. Below are some experiences in playing shrimp and fish shakes to increase your winning rate.

  • Know when to stop: Because it is a game based on luck and usually winning and losing will go in cycles. If you are in a losing streak, stop for a while or choose another room. Don’t try to eat sticky rice, you will have to leave empty-handed.
  • Observe previous bets: Players can watch for a while before starting to participate in a certain betting room. This helps bettors determine the number of mascots appearing on the table. Based on that, participants can roughly calculate the appearance of the faces to place accordingly.
  • Play with a team: You should join with other winning players to have the opportunity to learn from experience and support each other to increase your chances of winning money from the house.
  • Observe other players’ bets: To increase your odds of winning in the crab shaking game, you can watch other participants and learn the betting methods of the players who have a high chance of winning. They often have a lot of experience and will have a higher win rate than new players.
  • Finally, there are spiritual players. Based on your senses during that time, choose the mascot that you feel brings the most luck.

Above is an article that introduces details about the crab shaking game for those who are just starting to participate and can refer to it. Hopefully the useful information we share will help you have more confidence and winning strategies in every game. Don’t forget to continue following the New88 website to get more useful knowledge.

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