The simplest way to predict special prizes that you should not ignore

How to predict special prizes is one of the methods that online lottery players on the market should definitely not ignore. If you are a new player in this field, there is no need to worry, we have compiled and shared all the necessary information right in the article below. Find out now with Nhà Cái 789BET!

What is special prize prediction?

If you are a lottery player or have ever learned about prediction methods, you have probably heard about the method of predicting special prizes in the North. The phrase “Special” here does not refer to the special nature of the method but to the position of the prize number sequence on the daily lottery results table that you receive from the stations.

How to predict special prizes brings many high efficiency so it is chosen by both new players as well as veteran players. There are many different ways to predict special prizes, depending on your preferences and strengths, you can choose the one that best suits your lottery playing style.

The most popular ways to predict special prizes

These are special prize prediction methods that are frequently applied and bring high efficiency after each prize drawing period. Experts have tested the practicality of these methods many times before deciding to share them widely.

How to predict the special prize for the white man

This is a way to predict special prizes to bring big winning rates. If you want to win the lottery today, you need to refer to the resultsLottery of the previous 2 days will be the most accurate.

For example: Today is Sunday the 15th, based on the results of the previous 2 days, Friday the 13th, to predict. This xsmb prediction method will be almost effective for those who want to play the beginning and end of the special prize of the northern lottery results.

Predict the special prize through prize 3

According to experience passed down from lottery experts, the 3rd prize in the Northern lottery is the set of balls that helps win the highest and most accurate ball, even this is the big winning ball for consecutive days, this This is a prediction method used by many northerners.

The reason why there is such a big chance of winning is because this 3-way set has up to 6 numbers. Therefore, you will get more references to bring you more luck.

Specifically, when playing, you must know how to properly apply the yin and yang ball rule in the bridge set. That will help you make accurate decisions based on numbers with high winning rates. However, it is also necessary to study the previous day’s results, if it is already there, you should not play again.

Method to calculate shadow in 10 numbers in the most standard way:

  • If the main hand is 1, the ball will have the corresponding number 6.
  • Wood key is number 2, the shadow will have the corresponding number 7.
  • If the water key is 3, the ball will have the corresponding number 8.
  • If the main fire is number 4, the ball will have the corresponding number 9.
  • If the main earth is on number 5, the ball will have a corresponding number of 0.

For example: If today’s 3rd prize is 35634, the next day there will be an extremely high number 43. If today’s 3rd prize is 36979, the next day’s number will be 24, which is extremely high.

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How to predict the lottery by getting the total number

Next, we introduce to you a quite interesting lottery method that is also learned by professional players. Perhaps this way of playing will be the first time you hear about it and will be strange to new players. If you have been playing the lottery for a long time, you will often have the experience to be able to figure out the rules for daily or weekly lottery.

This prediction method is one of the prediction methods that many people in the lottery world apply because its winning rate is very high. Especially this way will be extremely effective for the lot. Players need to add the last 5 numbers of the special prize together to get the lucky result.

For example: The special prize on Monday, April 9 is 23716. With this method, you rely on the sum of the numbers 2, 3, 7, 1 and 6. Adding the results together, we will get 19. So today, April 11, it will come out 3119, until April 12, it will come out 08419, which means the 2-day lottery will come out 19. There are even cases where the lottery comes out on 2 consecutive days.

Note: For those who like to play with this lottery number method, you should monitor it daily and keep it within 7 days. If you keep it for more than 7 days and don’t see any animals, we should switch to another option. Usually, those who follow this method only need 2 to 5 days to get the most accurate results they want.

Combine special prizes in prize 5

With this way of playing, you should learn the outermost numbers in lottery prize 5. From there, you should combine them one by one into the solutions 5.3 for the purpose of creating an outline.

For example: If the 5th xsmb prize today is 304629, then it needs to be combined with the 5.3 prize which is 5514. Then, we will get the numbers listed as follows: 350, 354, 356, 352, 359, 054, 056, 052, 059, 012, 019, 456, 452, 459, 416, 449, 652, 619, 649, 259 and 249. Surely, the results for the next day will have the same ending number as in one of the numbers mentioned above.

Perform standard total farming in 1 time

Players should rely on the first number in the special prize announced on day 2 to make the standard total. Then, you have to grow that number for 1 week. Usually, according to people in the lottery playing world, the lottery will come back on the weekend.

For example: Second, the lottery special prize will be 06143, so you need to rely on the number 0 for the purpose of making the standard total. At that time, you will immediately own a lottery consisting of numbers 19, 28, 37, 46 and 55. One of the above numbers will appear during the week.

Raise head 0 bottom 0

In special prizes, players need to carefully check all the prizes that have been issued along with many numbers that have appeared in the past week. If the number 0 appears and is in the middle position, this is a sign that the end is coming.

For example: On Tuesday’s special lottery number is 66007, the next day’s number will be 0 and the lottery number will be 08.

How to predict fortune based on memory

This is also one of the special prize prediction methods chosen by most people in the lottery world. According to the experience of most players, this is a method of prediction with a fairly high safety rate but is simple.

If the special total falls into one of the following cases, the corresponding lottery total will certainly appear for you to play:

  • The total of the xsmb special prize is 9, so it is possible that the next day’s special prize will total 5, which is very high.
  • If the total of the xsmb special prize is 10, the probability that the next day’s special prize will be a total of 1 is high.
  • If the total northern lottery special prize is 6, there is a high probability that the next day’s special prize will be a total of 8.


Above are all the simplest ways to predict special prizes that you can learn before starting to play lottery. Hopefully applying these methods will bring you good results and great prizes!

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