How to Play Phom – Important Information Bet Players Need to Know

How to play phom cards How is the specification? Is it difficult to participate in phom card betting? How to play phom and always win? This is the question of millions of players who are learning about the famous Phom game. Please follow the following article to update information and find answers.
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Overview of the most famous phom game in the prize exchange card game industry

How to play phom cardsVery interesting and has many unique points, so it is always attractive to players. That’s why this game is always sought after by millions of people, whether in traditional or online form. Up to now, every playground has updated the form of phom playing in their game system.

This game allows two to four people to participate in one turn. But the most attractive and dramatic is still the form of betting between four people. Each position will receive nine cards, only the player with the first turn will be dealt ten cards.

The task of each bettor is to arrange, draw or play cards to form as many phom links as possible. A phom requires at least three cards, which means you can create up to three phoms in one turn. Players who own three phom links will be considered busted and win the bet.

Summary of terms that often appear in phom games

To understand clearly How to play Phom cards, you need to grasp the terms that often appear in the game. As follows:

  • Phom: Link consists of three cards of the same value or three consecutive cards of the same suit.
  • Junk: Cards cannot be linked with other cards to form phom.
  • Stacks: The remaining cards after dealing will be placed in the middle of the table for the bettor to draw during the betting process.
  • Mom: The player cannot create any straights when the bet ends.
  • Buzz: All cards in your hand form phom.
  • Take the pin: Take the last card played by the player in front.
  • Penalty: The player whose opponent takes the pin will receive a penalty.
  • Re: After taking another player’s card, he must pass the trash card to the previous player.
  • Send: Your opponent has played a card and if you own a card that can be combined with that person’s phom, you can send a card to reduce the score.

Learn how to play Phom in the most detailed way

Below is how to play a game of phom that you can refer to for betting.

Betting sequence in Phom card game

At the beginning of a turn, the system will deal cards with the rule that each person receives nine cards and the first player will receive one additional card. When the first player plays a card, if the next player can’t play it, skip it and pick the hole card then play a trash card.

In case you win a card, you are not allowed to pick any card but choose a card from your hand to play for the next person. Continue following this rule until all cards are drawn, then the bet ends. All players play phom together and compare scores to determine winner or loser.

Rules for determining the outcome of the bet in playing phom cards

There will be two situations when participating in betting in a game of phom. If a player owns three phoms, the game will end immediately without having to wait for the cards to run out. The player who reports the buzzer will win and all remaining bets will be considered losers in this turn.

If no player buzzes, the system will determine the winner or loser according to the rule of comparing the remaining points of all players. Specifically, the system will add up the total score of all remaining cards in your hand. The player with the least number of points will be considered the winner of this match. All remaining players will determine the second and third place based on their score.
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If they have the same number of points, whoever plays their cards first will be considered the winner. In How to play Phom cards, you can post to minimize the number of points you have and increase your chances of winning. In case someone gets a pin, there will be a penalty on behalf of all the remaining losing players. If a player has a toothache, it will be considered the last place and subject to a penalty.


Having read this far, you probably understand clearly How to play Phom cards then right? Come to reputable online playgrounds to experience this enchanting game. Wishing you guys New88 Be lucky and have a chance to win big prizes.

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