Important Facts about BSc in Data Science that Every Student Should Know

Are you considering a career in the field of science? Science is an incredibly diverse and multifaceted discipline that encompasses a wide range of subjects and specializations. A BSc is one of the most sought-after undergraduate degrees in the field of Science. The field offers a diverse range of subjects to candidates to fulfil their interests. One of the most emerging fields is Data Science.

Through this blog, you shall get to know important facts about BSc Data Analytics and why you should consider it to be a dream career. Let us delve into the insights.

Table of Contents:

1.    About BSc Data Science

a.     Course Highlights

b.    Curriculum Design

2.    Quick Facts on BSc Data Analytics

3.    Top career opportunities for BSc Data Science graduates

4.    Conclusion

5.    FAQs

About BSc Data Science

A BSc Data Analytics is an undergraduate course with a 3-year duration offered by SMS College of Arts & Science. It is one of the newest fields launched by the college in 2022, considering the rising demand for graduates from such domains.

Course Highlights

Let us look at the major highlights of the program from the best Arts and Science colleges in Tamilnadu.

Course Full Name Bachelor of Science in Data Science
Course Duration 3 years
Basic Eligibility Pass 10+2 from a recognised board
Mode of Admission Merit-Based
Mode of Examination Semester Mode

Curriculum Design

The course in BSc Data Analytics has been curated for you by keeping the industry standards in mind. Along with theoretical knowledge, you would develop practical hands-on experience, through exposure to the following exercises-

  • Industrial Visit
  • Internship Programs
  • ICTACT Certification Programs
  • Mini Projects
  • Coders Club
  • Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, Guest lectures
  • Techwiz Association
  • Skill Development
  • Add-on Courses
  • Knowledge Enhancement Presentations

Quick Facts on BSc Data Analytics

Before you plan to enrol in the course, there are a few facts you should note, which will help you in analysing how you can benefit from the next 3 years of your rigorous academic journey-

  1. Multidisciplinary Field: The program integrates multiple disciplines like computer science, statistics, and domain-specific knowledge to provide students with a holistic understanding of data analysis. This interdisciplinary approach allows graduates to tackle complex problems from multiple angles, making them versatile data professionals.
  2. Technical skills: The program enables you to develop programming, in languages like Python and R. You shall also work with technical software like R Console, for data analysis. You get to write code for data manipulation, analysis, and machine learning, thus giving you a platform to develop the technical proficiency required for data science roles.
  3. Hands-On Experience: The BSc Data Science curriculum often includes hands-on experiences such as real-world projects, internships, or co-op positions. These practical opportunities enable students to apply their data science knowledge in a real-world context, building valuable skills and a portfolio.
  4. High Demand: Data scientists are in exceptionally high demand due to the growing reliance on data-driven decision-making across industries. Graduates of BSc Data Analytics programs are well-positioned to enter the job market with competitive salaries and numerous career opportunities.
  5. Ethical Considerations: Data ethics and privacy are integral components of the BSc Data Analytics program. Students learn about responsible data collection, handling, and analysis, ensuring they are well-versed in ethical considerations when working with sensitive data and making informed decisions.

Top career opportunities for BSc Data Science graduates

After the completion of a BSc in Data Science, you can grab the following job roles in the corporate sector-

  1. Data scientists employ statistical analysis and machine learning to extract valuable insights from data. As a data analyst, you shall play a crucial role in guiding business decisions, from product development to marketing strategies, via the interpretation of complex data and trends.
  2. Machine learning engineers build predictive models and algorithms to power intelligent systems. You get to create applications for recommendation engines, autonomous vehicles, and natural language processing, thus shaping future technology.
  3. Data analysts focus on data interpretation, cleaning, and visualization. You shall work on multifractal analysis via complex statistical tools like R Console to transform raw data into actionable insights. Your job shall enable organizations to make informed choices, optimize operations, and enhance decision-making processes.
  4. Business analysts bridge the gap between data and business strategy. They evaluate data-driven solutions to improve operational efficiency, helping organizations streamline processes and achieve their goals effectively.
  5. Data Engineer: Data engineers design and maintain data pipelines and storage systems. They ensure data availability and reliability, enabling data scientists and analysts to work with high-quality data for accurate analysis and decision-making.


A BSc in Data Science gives graduates access to diverse career paths, including roles in data analysis, machine learning, and business intelligence. With the increasing use of data-driven decision-making across diverse industries, the demand for these professionals is on the rise. Seek admission to BSc Data Science colleges in Coimbatore for a promising, bright and rewarding future.


  1. What does a B.Sc data science do?

BSc Data Science graduates pursue jobs in domains like data collection, data extraction, data analyses, data mining, data visualization, etc. across diverse sectors of business, healthcare, logistics, banking and others.

  1. Can I get job with B.Sc in data science?

There are many areas of recruitment available for the B.Sc Data Science graduates. They can work in both the public and private sectors. Additionally, they can find jobs for themselves in India and abroad.

  1. What is the average salary of B.Sc data science?

The average salary for recent graduates from BSc Data Science is 3.5 LPA. It can go above 20LPA with an experience of 7-8 years.

  1. Which is better BSc or BTech in data science?

BSc is granted with a 3-year duration while BTech is with 4 years. In terms of time and money, you can acquire similar skills with respect to BTech, but BSc is better suited if you want to join the workforce at a faster scale.

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