All About the English Language

As we all know, the English subject is divided into two parts, i.e. English Literature and English Language and Grammar. It’s quite impossible for students to score full marks in Literature, so when it comes to English Grammar and Language, students can easily score marks there, provided they know how to write about the various topics that can be asked in the examination.

How to Write an Application for Leave?

We all might have come across a time when we had to write an application requesting leaves? Suppose in your examination you are asked to write one, then how would you ensure that you obtain the full marks assigned for it. During exams, students are primarily asked to write an application for leave from school, and here are a few things that you must bear in mind before writing a leave application.

  • Salutation and receiver’s address – As we all know, some marks are always allotted for the correct format. So to ensure that you get the full marks for the format, start your application with a proper salutation and the correct address of the receiver. The correct address helps the reader to understand to whom the application is being sent.
  • Date – It is important that the correct date is mentioned while writing a leave application. This will not only help the concerned person to understand when the application was written but also serve as a reference in future.
  • Subject – The subject allows the reader to understand what the application is about. The subject should be no more than a line and should be short and to the point.
  • Body – In the body, the person who’s writing the application must mention in detail the purpose of the leave application, the exact number of leave days and reference of other relevant documents, if any. The entire body of the application should be neutral. The application’s body should be kept short and crisp yet informative.
  • Signature – End the leave application with your signature or the person who is writing the application. This will help the concerned person to understand by whom the leave application is sent.

All About Writing Paragraphs

Now that you have learnt how to write an application for leave, it’s essential that you also know how to write a paragraph. Writing paragraphs is a common writing topic asked in exams. So here are a few tips that will help you to understand how you can improve paragraph writing.

  • Proper topic sentence – One of the basic and most important steps of writing a paragraph is an apt topic sentence. A topic sentence is the first and introduction sentence of any paragraph. It informs the reader about the main idea behind the paragraph. Whatever is written in the paragraph must coincide with this introductory sentence.
  • Details – The next part of the paragraph is the details. The details include any kind of data, statistics, and facts about the given topic. It also includes real-life experiences and self-analysis of the writer.
  • Concluding sentence – The paragraph is brought to an end by the concluding sentence, which generally contains the important points related to the concerned topic. The concluding sentence also talks about the main idea behind the concluding paragraph. An apt concluding sentence ensures you score more marks than others.

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