Simple Way to Calculate European Odds in Soccer

If people are still wondering European odds calculation How to play this bet effectively thanks to any good experiences? Please take 5 minutes to update the detailed information we share below. Let’s explore!

Is European odds important or not?

What is European Handicap?

European handicap 1 x 2 is known as a popular form of betting and is used by many people in soccer betting. Especially nowadays, this type of bet is popular in most countries around the world.

Specifically, when participating, you will not need to pay attention to the final match score of the two teams. Thereby, what players especially need to pay attention to is which team will win or draw.

This is also the reason why players love and support it so much thanks to the diversity of European betting. This form of betting is very suitable for new players who want to win big!

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Detailed Player Betting Instructions on How to Calculate European Odds Online

When participating in this bet, you will only be able to choose 1 of 2 results: win or lose. Based on such criteria, gamers will be able to apply the following specific payment formula.

  • Winning bet: The bet amount along with the European Odds amount will be equal to the amount you will receive.
  • Losing bets: Means you will lose the amount of money you placed before.

Basically, this formula is not too complicated, but remember that European odds are a form of shaking odds. That means the betting system will agree to pay the player according to the odds at the time of placing the bet.

Calculating European odds is simple, bettors should know

Detailed and easy-to-understand example of how to enter European Handicap

If you still do not really understand the following European odds, we will update the most specific instructions for reading the odds. Include:

  • For example: For example, people bet 100,000 on the results of the two teams Austyn FC and Los Angeles being a draw. In case the two teams tie at any score, the player will win money based on the formula: 100 x 2,676 = 267.6. In case one of the two teams wins, you will lose 100,000 initial bet.

The Ultimate European Betting Method With Good Tips To Get Hands On Money

After learning in detail about European odds and specific examples of how European odds calculation. Next, we will share some super standard betting tips that gamers can apply to increase their winning rate. Particular:

Remember how to view odds

Although European odds are famous for their simplicity, you should not be subjective without learning the details of this odds. All of the gamers’ previous calculations will become meaningless if there is confusion between calculations and payout rates.

Therefore, smart players are those who invest time and effort to update data related to the form of play they are about to participate in. In addition, don’t forget to learn about the news about the house that you experience!

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Memorize the method of calculating money

Way European odds calculation is also extremely important, because if you know how to calculate money, it will help you be more profitable when betting. For example, understanding how much interest you receive will help make the money deposit process more considered and reasonable.

Calculating European odds is simple, bettors should know

Update team information

Certainly, players will easily fall into “empty hands” if they bet based on emotions and do not predict carefully. That is also the reason why before depositing money, people should update data related to the team such as:

  • Number of players on the field.
  • Which player is injured?
  • What is expected?….

Get money according to your ability

The most basic and obvious difference between veteran players and new players is the way they use bets. Specifically, good players can receive a high profit and rookies can also lose their capital with the same amount of money.

Basically, everyone should know how to allocate their finances appropriately and play evenly for many matches. Especially when you are losing, you absolutely should not use double betting. This only causes the player to have an additional deficit and cannot earn back the initial capital.

Which address is safe to play European Odds at?

Currently, there are quite a few addresses in the market that offer online soccer betting on European odds. However, along with that comes the risk of websites appearing to scam customers.

The thing that everyone needs to keep in mind is to choose for themselves a reputable and outstanding rewards brand such as Hi88 homepage. This playground has many activities and offers players a series of extremely stable policies. In addition, the attractive bonus rate also makes bettors absolutely satisfied with the experience.

Calculating European odds at Hi88 is guaranteed to be safe


Thus, the concept of European odds and methods European odds calculation We have also shared details above. It can be affirmed that this is an extremely interesting and effective type of money betting. However, to bring high victory, you need to possess skills Hi88 odds Super standard above. Good luck!

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