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Sungrow Pioneers Cutting-Edge 100MW Experimental Base Energy Storage Project in QingHai, China

Sungrow, a trailblazer in renewable energy solutions, has embarked on an ambitious 100MW Experimental Base Energy Storage Project in QingHai, China. With an impressive 25MW photovoltaic (PV) inverter and a robust 10MW/8.04MWh energy storage system (ESS), this pioneering project adopts AC-side coupling to optimize centralized layout, storage, and management. By tackling the challenges of local PV power limitation and enhancing unified scheduling, Sungrow continues to lead the way in advancing the integration of solar energy storage system and energy storage.

Advancing Energy Storage with Cutting-Edge Technology

At the heart of the 100MW Experimental Base Energy Storage Project lies Sungrow’s state-of-the-art 10MW/8.04MWh ESS, designed to revolutionize energy storage capabilities. By combining it with a 25MW PV inverter, the project brings together cutting-edge technology to enhance energy capture, storage, and utilization. Sungrow’s commitment to innovation ensures that this experimental base serves as a stepping stone for future breakthroughs in the field of renewable energy.

Empowering Centralized Management and Unified Scheduling

Sungrow’s strategic adoption of AC-side coupling promotes centralized layout, storage, and management, enabling seamless integration of PV and energy storage systems. With unified scheduling capabilities, the project optimizes the overall energy distribution, ensuring efficient utilization and distribution of clean energy resources. This centralized approach unlocks a new era of energy management, providing a blueprint for scalability and grid efficiency.

Addressing Local PV Power Limitation and Coordinating Operation

One of the project’s primary goals is to address the issue of local PV power limitation effectively. By incorporating Sungrow’s cutting-edge energy storage solution, the base optimizes PV power capture and mitigates the impact of intermittent energy sources. Coordinated operation between the PV inverter and ESS ensures a reliable and steady power supply, enhancing grid stability and fostering energy autonomy.


Sungrow’s 100MW Experimental Base Energy Storage Project in QingHai, China, stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to advancing renewable energy integration. Through the strategic implementation of a 10MW/8.04MWh ESS alongside a 25MW PV inverter, the project unlocks centralized layout, storage, and management capabilities. By overcoming local PV power limitations and promoting unified scheduling, this experimental base paves the way for a more sustainable and efficient energy future. As a global leader in renewable energy solutions, Sungrow continues to drive innovation and accelerate the transformation of the energy landscape.

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