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Tips On Choosing The Right Telecentric Lens

Telecentric lenses are used in many manufacturing settings to trace, view, or measure. SmartMoreInside with its unique focal point design can provide a lot of benefits for other commercial applications such as machine vision.

Why telecentric lenses are more important than you think

  1. Telecentric lenses are more accurate – By aligning all of the lens elements in one direction, telecentric lenses produce images that are much more accurate than those captured with non-telecentric lenses. This means less post-processing is necessary, and images will look better as a result.
  2. Telecentric lenses reduce distortion – When you take a picture with a non-telecentric lens, the image will be distorted because the camera is trying to fit the entire image into the frame. However, with a telecentric lens, all of the lens elements are aligned in one direction which eliminates this distortion. This makes for much sharper images that look more natural.
  3. Telecentric lenses improve your workflow – Once you’ve made the switch to telecentric lenses, your workflow will become much easier. Because all of your lens elements are aligned in one direction, there’s no need to worry about distortion or cropping anymore.

What are the benefits of a telecentric lens?

A telecentric lens is a type of lens that allows for distortion-free images. They produce an image that is centered in the focal plane. There are many benefits to using a telecentric lens, including:

– Reduced distortion and vignetting. A telecentric lens will correct for distortion and vignetting in the image. This means that all of the details in the image will be in focus.

– Improved clarity and resolution. A telecentric lens produces sharper images because they focus all of the light rays at the same point in the image. This results in a higher resolution image.

How to choose the right telecentric lens

There are several factors to consider when choosing a telecentric lens, such as focal length, the field of view, and image quality.

When choosing a telecentric lens, it is important to consider your camera’s focal length. It is also important to consider the field of view when choosing a telecentric lens. A wide field of view will allow you to capture more of the scene around the subject, while a narrower field of view will limit your ability to capture the entire scene. Finally, image quality is important when choosing a telecentric lens. Telecentric lenses can produce higher quality images than other types of lenses, but they can also be more expensive.


SmartMoreInside‘s telecentric lenses have various factors that you can choose from. If you are considering looking for a telecentric lens provider, you can consider SmartMoreInside!

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