What is the over/under bet 1 1/2? The most standard way to bet on Over/Under 1.5

What is over/under 1 1/2?? Surely many of you have heard people mention this 1.5 over/under bet. But do you understand the 1 1/2 bet? Do you know how to bet on over/under 1.5 in the most accurate way? Let’s go with the dealer New88 Learn about this attractive bet right in the following article!
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What is the over/under bet 1 1/2?

Over/under 1-1 2 or over/under 1.5 left are the betting odds offered by the house. With this type of betting, you need to predict and bet on whether the total number of goals scored in the match by the two teams will be above or below the odds offered by the house. Like other over/under odds, this 1.5 over/under bet will appear in the first or second half of the match.

To help you visualize more clearly.”What is over/under 1 1/2??”, and  New88 analyzes this example of betting odds. Accordingly, the over/under bet 1 ½ will appear in the first half of the match. At this time, the bet will be calculated according to the rate given by the house and the following cases appear:

  • Case 1: In case the first half of the match ends with the total number of goals greater than or equal to 2. The player needs to bet on Over to receive the full bonus amount. If on the contrary, the player who bets on the under will lose all the money they bet.
  • Case 2: When the first half of the match ends with a total number of goals less than 1. The player who bets on Over will lose all the money he bet. As for players who bet on the under, they will definitely receive the entire bonus amount.

It can be clearly seen that by playing the 1 1/2 over/under bet in soccer betting, the player only has enough to win and earn enough. There will be no case of a draw or winning or losing half of the bet amount like in some other over/under bets.

What is the most accurate way to bet on over/under 1 1/2?

To help players better understand the 1.5 Over/Under betting form.  New88 would like to share in detail how to bet on the over/under 1.5 bet based on the payout ratio of 100 and the under/under ratio of 78. When a player chooses to bet on the over, the following cases will occur:

  • Case 1: If there are 0 goals scored (for example the match score is 0:0). If the betting player bets over, he or she will lose the entire bet amount. Meanwhile, the player who picks the under bet wins money.
  • Case 2: When the team only scores 1 goal difference during the match (eg score 1:0, 0:1). The player who bets over will lose their bet, while the player who bets under will win the full amount.
  • Case 3: If the match has at least 2 goals scored (eg score 2:0, 0:2, 3:0,0:3,…). The player who bets on the over will win, and of course the player who bets on the under will lose.

In addition, when betting on over/under 1-1 2, players need to note that if they bet over, they must have 2 or more goals. If you want to win under, you can only win if there is 0 or 1 goal. You need to remember this carefully so that when betting you do not make basic mistakes.
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Experience in betting on over/under 1 and a half balls effectively

It can be said that the over/under bet of 1 and a half balls (1.5) is actually a quite high odds as it usually only appears in the first half. But if it appears in the second half, it is a relatively low football betting odds. Therefore, how can we play the 1.5 over/under bet effectively? Join  New88 to see some of the following comments from longtime players:

  • Players need to check the odds carefully before betting on the two participating teams. Information about the official lineup along with factors such as weather, coaches, etc. must also pay attention.
  • You should refer to betting tips at reputable bookmakers before starting to bet on Over/Under 1 1/2.
  • If you bet on 1 1/2 over or under in the first half, in case the two competing teams have equal strength, you need to choose over.
  • Through the confrontation history of the two teams, if not too many goals were recorded. Players need to consider choosing to bet on the under to ensure greater safety.
  • It is necessary to apply clear and transparent methods to manage bets and double play.


In short, the bet “ What is over/under 1 1/2??” Football odds are not difficult to play at all. Players only need to check the odds and accurately determine whether the bet is correct to increase their chances of placing a winning bet. Most importantly, players need to learn and study match information carefully before betting. If you encounter opponents with a liberal playing style, you should choose to bet on Over, because this is a winning bet for the house, so you need to be much more careful.

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