How to Utilize AED Properly?

There are two points in time when the AED is used that is very important. Attention to the correct use of the AED also has a great impact on its effectiveness of the AED. Today, a professional AED supplier Mindray will introduce us to some of the considerations when using AEDs.

Two Important Time Points

The first time is the rescuer by the AED voice prompts, the patch to the rescued person when the machine will analyzes the heart rhythm, and determine whether the need for defibrillation.

During this process, no one should not touch the rescued person’s body, to avoid affecting the analysis results. That is to say, everyone should get clear of the patient’s body at that time.

The second point in time is the AED to confirm the need for electric shock defibrillation when the AED prompts the charge to be full after. The rescuer must ensure that no one is around the rescued person! Because once someone touches the rescued person, he or she may also be stunned by the electricity released from the AED, resulting in the heart-stopping.


Mastering some basic first aid knowledge is very useful for individuals because first aid knowledge can sometimes turn out to be life-saving for others. And it is also necessary to have the right first aid tools. Mindray is a professional and innovative AED manufacturer, and its proven technology and good reputation make them a wise choice.

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