The career arena of today’s modern world is filled with enormous booming unique options. With numerous varied career choices, why always go for conventional options and why not something different?

If you find the same question within you and think hopefully to answer “yes”, then this article will be a game-changer. Hope the word “gamechanger” hits you because the article is all about a career in game art and design.

Let us explore the generic game art course offered in top game design colleges in India along with an idea of its career possibilities.


●       Game art design course details

●       Reasons that justify game art and design career as a promising one

●       Conclusion

●       FAQs

Game art design course details:

The most popular game art design course offered in top colleges such as JS Institute of Design, the best design institute in Delhi is UG in Game Art and Game Design. Here are the course details.

Course Description:

UG Game Art and Game Design is an undergraduate course designed with a duration of 4 years to provide complete game art designing education to freshers. This course incorporates game designing knowledge right from the fundamentals to becoming an industry-ready professional.

This course holds a great demand among enthusiastic creative student minds and is hence offered in top private design colleges in India such as JS Institute of Design.

Eligibility Criteria and Admission Procedure:

The basic eligibility criteria to pursue UG Game Art and Game Design at top game design colleges in India are as follows:

  • Candidates should have completed 10+2 or higher at any recognised educational institution.

Admission to the course varies with colleges while the best game design colleges in India such as JS Institute of Design conduct a series of tests that includes a creative intelligence test, personal interview and portfolio evaluation to assess the performance of the candidate for providing admission to the course.

Course Module and Syllabus:

UG Game Art and Game Design course is designed for a four-year duration which is genuinely divided into 4 Lab years with short and long-term internships. Finally, certain top design colleges in India such as JS Institute of Design offer their own startup support such as “Kettle – The Startup Incubator”.

Here is the syllabus for the game art and design course.

Year I – Lab I Foundation Studies Year II – Lab II Game Play and Concepts
●       Non-digital Sketching

●       Analytical Drawing

●       Live-model sketching

●       Exterior Drawing

●       Colour, Creativity and Illustration

●       Introduction to Interactions

●       Character Design

●       Environment Design

●       Gesture Drawing

●       Storyboarding

●       Volume Photography

●       Perspective

●       Personal Project

●       Human Sciences

●       History of Art

●       Portfolio

●       French

●       General Knowledge

●       Gaming Culture

●       Game Design & Level Design

●       2D Computer Graphics

●       3D Modelling

●       Character Design

●       Concept Art

●       Environment Design

●       Game Engine

●       Storytelling

●       Prototyping

●       Clay Sculpture

●       French

 Short Internship – 3 months: 1st Internship to understand the structure of a gaming studio with real-time practice sessions requiring students to submit a weekly report blog and a final internship report at the end of 3 months.

Year 3 – Lab 3 Professional Game Design
●       Advanced 3D

●       Procedural Generation

●       Pre-production

●       Project Management

●       Mediums & Technologies

●       Storyboarding

●       Rigging / Animation

●       UI/UX

●       Art direction

●       French

Long Internship – 6 months: Intensive gaming internship offering students a key role in the game development process to learn and equip themselves better wherein students will submit weekly blogs and final reports.

As said, certain top game design colleges in India such as JS Institute of Design offer startup support such as “Kettle – The Startup Incubator” wherein students are exposed to gaming field experts for sharper gaming knowledge.

The entire details of the game art design course itself reveal the impeccable unique learning journey that leads to a notable career in the future.

Still having the question, “Is pursuing a career in game art and design a promising choice?. Then the loud answer will be “yes” and let us explore the reasons.

Reasons that justify game art and design career as a promising choice:

Students of the current generation are daring enough to step up for distinctive courses to design an explorative career and thus game art and design careers have got a blow among them.

Here are the reasons that make game art and design careers a remarkable choice.

Career in a developing industry:

The game art design industry is one of the significantly developing industries that has a huge scope in the upcoming years.

The gaming industry is surging higher in market value. As per data, the global gaming market value is estimated around USD 347 billion by 2022 and is expected to hike further in the upcoming years.

This industrial growth is a notable sign for a great career scope in the upcoming future and so establishing a game art and design career will be a promising choice.

Better facets to choose from:

The gaming market is contributed majorly by three facets namely mobile gaming, console and PC gaming. Each of these facets holds a great individual sub-market within the gaming domain.

Game art design graduates from top game design colleges in India can establish their gaming career in either of the facets of the gaming industry.

Wider career options:

The gaming industry offers a unique range of career options for graduates in game art and design from best game design colleges in India and here are some of them:

Gaming job roles Average annual salary in India(INR) Average annual salary abroad in Dollars(considered US)
Game Designer 5,03,000 74,367
Game Audio Engineer 3,20,000 68,210
Game Programmer 4,25,000 65,756
Game Artist 5,50,000 59,474
Game Animator 3,60,000 81,133
Game Tester 5,00,000 41,058
Game Developer 5,30,000 116,356
Game System Designer 5,00,000 72,173
Game Director 9,00,000 113,911

This wide range of career options offers a great opportunity for game art design graduates to make their own choices.

On the whole, a career in the game art and design industry is a promising one with remarkable advantages.


Explorative career is all that you seek, then a career in game art and design is one of the best choices. Hope this article inspires you to take game art design courses at the top game design colleges in India and create creative and unique careers in the rapidly developing gaming industry. Be a distinctive one with an impeccable career.


1) Is game art design a good career?

Yes, game art design is a good career as the gaming industry has been remarkably growing in recent years and is expected to reach USD 242.37 billion by 2032 thus offering a great career scope.

2) How do you become a game art designer?

Step 1: Get a professional degree from the top game design colleges in India.

Step 2: Create your portfolio by taking internships.

Step 3: Build your professional network.

Step 4: Find a game art designer job with your portfolio and network.

3) What careers are related to game design?

  • Game Audio Engineer
  • Game Programmer
  • Game Animator
  • Game System Designer
  • Game Director

4) What is the salary of the game artist in India?

The average salary of game artists in India is around INR 3.5 LPA to INR 5 LPA which increases with experience in the field over the years.

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