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The automobile frame and body are mounted on the front and rear axle not directly but through the springs and shock absorbers. The assembly of parts, which performs the isolation of parts from the road shocks, maybe in the forms of bounce, pitch and roll is called a suspension system. Functions of suspension system:

  1. It prevents the vehicle body and frame from road shocks.
  2. It gives stability to the vehicle.
  3. It safeguards the passengers and goods from road shocks.
  4. It gives the good road holding while driving, cornering, and braking.
  5. It gives cushioning effect.
  6. It provides comfort.

Requirements of suspension system:

  1. There should be minimum deflection.
  2. It should be of a low initial cost.
  3. It should be of minimum weight.
  4. It should have low maintenance and low operating cost.
  5. It should have minimum tire wear.

Components of Suspension system:

e wear. Components of Suspension system: Coil springs, Leaf springs, shock absorbers, Spring shackles, stabilizer Independent suspension system: Independent suspension system means any arrangement that connects road wheels to the frame in which raise or fall of the wheel has no direct effect on the other wheel. It eliminates wheel wobbling.

For the downward motion of the cylinder the fluid will be displaced from the upper end of the piston. In the leaver end through the inner ring of the hole of the nonreturn valve in the piston. The fluid will also be drawn in the lower end of the cylinder from the reservoir to the outer ring of the hole of nonreturn valve of the foot valve.

Stabilizer Bar:

The stabilizer is necessarily used in all independent front suspensions. It reduces the tendency of the vehicle to roll on either side when taking a turn. It is simply a bar of alloy steel with arms at each end connected to the lower wishbone of the independent suspension system. It is supported in bush bearings fixed on the frame and is parallel to the cross member. When both the wheels deflect up or down by the same amount, the stabilizer bar simply turns in the bearings. When only one wheel deflects, then only one end of the stabilizer moves, thus it acts as a spring between two sides of the independent front suspension.

Torsion Bar

Torsion bar suspension is used in the independent suspension system. It is a rod acting in torsion and taking shear stresses only. It is made up of heat-treated alloy spring steel. This bar stores amount of energy nearly as same as a coil spring.

Last word

The bar is fixed at one end to the fr4ame, while the other end is fixed to the end of the wheel arm and supported in the bearing. The other end of the wheel arm is connected to the wheel hub. When the wheel strikes a bump, it starts vibrating up and down, thus exerting torque on the torsion bar which acts as a spring.

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