Why BBA Could Be Your Ideal Choice After 12th?

Are you a 12th graduate and unsure of your further studies? Well, with a multitude of options available, it can often become overwhelming to decide on the ideal path to pursue. One such option that has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years is the BBA, which gives students the information and abilities they need to succeed in the corporate world.

Hence, in this blog, we will go into detail about the characteristics of courses offered by the BBA colleges in Delhi and why it is the best option for you after completing the 12th grade.


Table of Contents:


1.    Bachelor of Business Administration- Course Overview

●     B.Voc/BBA Course Highlights

●     Career Pathways

2.    What Makes a BBA an Ideal Course?

3.    Final Thoughts

4.    FAQs

Bachelor of Business Administration- Course Overview


A BBA is an undergraduate programme that prepares students to learn the skills they need to succeed in the field of management. Because of the intense rivalry in the business and corporate realms, a top-rated management institute in Delhi, JIMS Vasant Kunj II, offers a vocational BBA degree (B.Voc/BBA) to help people with a successful career

B.Voc/BBA Course Highlights


Some important specifics of the B.Voc/BBA course offered by the JIMS Vasant Kunj II are tabulated below:


Level of Education Undergraduate
Course Duration 3 years
Course Format Semester Mode
Admission Requirements ●     You must receive an overall grade of at least 50% in your 10+2 level of Education.


●     Shall sit for the JIMS Entrance Test.

Average Course Fee Ranges from INR 1,35,000 to INR 1,45,000 per year


Career Pathways

Be it obtaining employment or continuing education credits, a B.Voc/BBA degree can be used for any goal. Additionally, it offers a wide range of employment options in industries like finance, marketing, consulting, human resources, sales, and entrepreneurship. Some well-known career paths for B.Voc/BBA graduates are:

  • Project Manager
  • Event Management Executive
  • Customer Care Executive
  • Human Resource Executive
  • Business Sustainability Expert
  • Business Process Manager

What Makes a BBA an Ideal Course?

A BBA is a great option to pursue after completing your 12th-grade education for a lot of reasons. In light of this, let us discuss some benefits of earning a degree from one of the BBA colleges in Delhi:

●  Multiple Disciples Covered

A vast selection of topics are covered in a BBA course to help you become an educated professional and give you several job alternatives. Additionally, management concepts, computer applications, retail management, human resource management, business communication, international business, and other general component themes are studied in the vocational BBA course at Jagannath Institute of Management Sciences (JIMS Vasant Kunj II).

●  Flexible Degree

There is much more to acquiring a BBA degree than just getting a degree for the job you want. Hence, the best BBA colleges in Delhi follow a curriculum, which combines theory, application of practical knowledge, and personality development, in contrast to other degrees, particularly those at the bachelor’s level, which are primarily focused on theory. You can also pick up a variety of other skills to turn into a happy and healthy worker.

●  Professional Degree

Students who are serious about pursuing professions in business and management may be interested in enrolling in a BBA course. Following the completion of their BBA degrees, students can also get employment in reputable businesses. Additionally, there is no need to enrol in pricey certificate programs that only cover the skills you will acquire on the job. Compared to other bachelor’s degree holders, BBA holders have the highest employment rate, according to sources.

●  High Salary and Benefits

For the majority of professionals, one of their objectives is to earn a big salary with top-notch perks. Courses from private BBA colleges in Delhi make it feasible by opening doors to the most straightforward managing and administrative careers with the best pay and advantages. Additionally, you can advance in your career more quickly and be able to negotiate a significant salary increase.

Personal Development

A BBA degree is not just about education, as was previously mentioned. The degree further prepares you to be a strong, self-assured leader who is capable of managing teams and overseeing an entire business. As you will be required to deliver numerous presentations throughout your BBA degree, you are also taught how to speak with integrity. Furthermore, you will be a more mature and well-rounded person by the time you finish your degree at the private management colleges in Delhi.

Final Thoughts

After completing your 12th-grade year, pursuing a BBA may be the best option for you for some reasons. The benefits it provides, from the extensive curriculum to employment possibilities, and scope for personal development, make it a very desired choice for anyone hoping to succeed in today’s world. Furthermore, enrolling in courses at the BBA colleges in Delhi can be the ideal starting point for your successful career journey if you have a deep interest in business, excellent analytical skills, and are eager to make your mark in the corporate world.


  1. Can I pursue a BBA if my background is not in Commerce?

Yes, although having a background in commerce can be beneficial, BBA degrees are meant to give a thorough understanding of business ideas to students from all academic backgrounds.

  1. Is earning an MBA after BBA mandatory?

It is not required to pursue an MBA after receiving a BBA, but doing so will open up more job growth prospects, broaden your expertise, and let you specialise in a particular field of business.

  1. What skills can I develop by taking courses at BBA colleges in Delhi?

At the BBA colleges in Delhi, you can develop important skills like leadership, communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and analytical ability– all of which are highly recognised by employers across industries.

  1. What is the JIMS Entrance Test syllabus for BBA candidates?

The JIMS Vasant Kunj II Institute’s BBA applicant screening test is divided into three sections:

  • English: Verbal Reasoning and Verbal Ability
  • Mathematics: Quantitative Ability
  • General Knowledge and Current Affairs
  1. Does the BBA curriculum include internships?

Yes, internships are frequently included in BBA programmes to place a strong focus on practical learning. These internships further expose students to the industry and help them obtain practical experience.

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