What Are the Advantages of Lateral Entry in BTech Course?

Did you know that there is an option for lateral entry in BTech courses? Lateral entry is the option, where technical diploma holders or BSc graduates can directly seek admission into the 2nd year of the 4-year BTech courses. Generally, the intake capacity is 20% of the total seats, however, it differs with specialization.

Terna College of Engineering, Osmanabad one of the top B Tech colleges in Solapur accepts lateral entry in its course program. Through this blog, we shall help you identify the advantages lateral entry applicants stand to gain and how you can enrol in the program. Let’s get started.

Table of Contents:

1.    About Lateral Entry in BTech

a.     Admission Procedure

b.    Seat availability

2.    Top 5 benefits for lateral entry applicants

3.    Career opportunities

4.    Conclusion

5.    FAQs

About Lateral Entry in BTech

There are multiple routes to seek admission to BTech courses. One of the opportunities is via lateral entry i.e. direct admissions in 2nd year of Engineering. Let us look into the application requirements.

Admission Procedure

To secure admission to Terna College of Engineering, one of the major B Tech colleges in Solapur as a lateral entry, you need-

  • To be a diploma holder in a relevant branch or a BSc graduate.
  • Admissions are done based on your diploma/ BSc marks.

The seats are allotted at the discretion of the state CET cell. Remember that there are no institutional quotas for admission in lateral entry to the best colleges for BTech in Maharashtra.

Seat availability

Let’s check the intake for the lateral applicant’s course for each specialisation in B Tech colleges in Maharashtra

Name of the program Intake
Civil Engineering 12
Computer Science & Engineering 12
Electronics and Telecommunication 12
Mechanical Engineering 18
B. Pharmacy 20

Top 5 Benefits for Lateral Entry Applicants

Lateral entry applicants in engineering courses can reap numerous advantages due to their prior education or experience. Here are the top five benefits you stand to gain from B Tech colleges in Solapur:

  1. Advanced Standing: Lateral entrants with relevant educational background or experience can seek admission into relevant engineering programs at a more advanced level. You would not need to go through an introductory course, which saves you time and money.
  2. Practical Experience: Being a diploma holder you can even pursue working for the time being and fund your education. Apart from expenses, you gain work experience in engineering-related fields. You can bring practical insights and real-world knowledge to the classroom enabling meaningful discussions and thus bridging the gap between theoretical concepts and their practical applications.
  3. Focused Skill Development: As a lateral entry student you have a clear understanding of technical skills like soldering, civil engineering measurements, and exposure to engineering graphics, etc. You have attention to detail and ways to navigate through the course without much difficulty.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Being a diploma holder helps you maintain long-term associations with your professional colleagues, previous batchmates or even former faculties. Your previous exposure to the industry helps you with rich networking opportunities. Such industry connections potentially open doors to collaborations, internships, or job opportunities.
  5. Career Acceleration: With prior knowledge and experience, you are better positioned to secure internships or even full-time engineering roles during your studies. Such qualifications are recognised during placements in BTech courses by employers. You also get a head start from your BTech peers in terms of the number of years with hands-on experience.

We are sure that now you are aware of the major advantages you bring to the table by being a Diploma holder and opting for lateral entry. B Tech Colleges in Solapur is your next milestone in your journey to be a technical professional.

Career opportunities

Engineering colleges in Osmanabad offer multiple pathways to graduates to develop their careers. A few of them are listed below-

  • Secure placements– Top recruiters undertake graduates at both off-campus and on-campus levels. The placement cell at Terna College of Engineering, Osmanabad ensures that students are guided and job-ready as they venture into diverse industries.
  • Pursue Masters– You can pursue various master’s level programs if a specialisation in Engineering interests you. You can pursue an M.Tech after appearing in GATE or fulfil your overseas education dreams with an MS.
    • A master’s level program is a great way to also pivot yourself in other fields. For instance, you can switch to managerial and leadership roles through an MBA or PGDM degree.
  • Top PSUs and govt. Services- Major PSUs in India like BHEL, NALCO, HAL, etc. offer engineering graduates core technical roles with a valid GATE score. You can also appear in the Engineering Services Exam to secure a job under various ministries of GoI.
  • Research and Development– If finding solutions to a problem interests you or you want to pursue research in a certain field, you can pursue a PhD in a discipline of your choice. You can also participate in research conducted by top institutes in India like IISc, IITs, etc.
    • With a PhD, you can also work as a professor in technical colleges in India.


As with any educational decision, it’s crucial for you as a prospective lateral entry student to thoroughly research engineering programs, considering factors such as curriculum, faculty expertise, industry connections, and the specific benefits offered by each program. This will ensure that you make the most informed choice that aligns with your career aspirations and educational needs. B Tech colleges in Solapur provide you with the necessary internship and course materials to advance you in your mission to be the next top engineer.


  1. What is BTech lateral entry v/s BTech?

With lateral entry, you seek direct admission to 2nd year of Engineering while with normal BTech you need to pursue all 4 years of Engineering. The best B Tech colleges in Maharashtra provide lateral entry to diploma and BSc holders in relevant fields of Engineering.

  1. Does lateral entry affect placement?

You would have the same opportunities as a lateral entrant like your BTech counterparts. An important feature for lateral entrants is that they can secure hands-on experience, which is recognised positively by employers.

  1. Is lateral entry in BTech good?

Lateral entry in BTech is an excellent option for people who are diploma holders or working professionals. It offers you an opportunity to pursue a formal degree.

  1. Does IIT accept lateral entry?

No, IITs do not accept lateral entry in their BTech programs. However, B Tech colleges in Solapur, accept lateral entrants in their diverse fields of Engineering.

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